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Pine Plywood

We stock a variety of rated sheathings. From CDX Pine Plywood to

Premium SubFloor

We stock and distribute a variety of premium underlayment subfloor options for your needs.

Concrete Forming

We keep concrete forming lumber year round. From BB+OES Pine Plywood to Imported Film Face we can help with your formwork.


We stock a full line of OSB products. Lowgrade and grade stamped products are available. Whether your are crating or framing we can help you get the job done.

Pine Plywood

3/8 Rated Sheathing (CDX)

1/2 Rated Sheathing (CDX)

5/8 Rated Sheathing (CDX)

3/4 Rated Sheathing (CDX)

3/4 T&G SturdiFloor

1/2 BC

3/4 BC


Sub Flooring

We stock Plywood and OSB Sub Flooring.

3/4 T&G LP450

3/4 T&G LP350

3/4 T&G LP250

3/4 T&G GP


Specialty Plywood

We keep specialty plywood products.





LP Smart Panel

We stock and distribute LP Smart Panel. Please inquire today. We can special order anything that we don't have in stock.


Our Commitment

We are committed to serving your  business. We stand behind everything we sell.

HT Certified

We are HT Certified to meet all your export packaging needs








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